Indian Oil and Gas Canada employee serves interests of First Nations

March 24, 2023
By Glen Parent, Manager Communications and Executive Services, Indian Oil and Gas Canada

Jenny Zeng is a Royalty Analyst at Indian Oil and Gas Canada. She works at IOGC's office on the Tsuut'ina Nation, just west of Calgary. Zeng was introduced to IOGC in 2019 when she worked there as a summer student and in early 2023 she began working full-time for IOGC.

The Southern Alberta Institute of Technology's Oil and Gas Production Accounting Program, which Zeng completed in 2019, helped get her ready for a career in the oil and gas industry.

Jenny Zeng

Jenny Zeng, a Royalty Analyst with Indian Oil and Gas Canada, pictured at IOGC's office on the Tsuut'ina Nation near Calgary.
Photo by Glen Parent, IOGC

"The program at SAIT definitely prepared me for the job I'm working at now, said Zeng. "I learned from the perspective of industry how data submissions and royalty calculations are made. I have applied this knowledge every single day I've worked at IOGC. I highly recommend SAIT's Oil and Gas Production Accounting program for those who wish to work in this area."

Before completing the program at SAIT, Zeng earned a Bachelor of Commerce degree from the University of Alberta, majoring in Accounting.

IOGC manages and regulates oil and gas resources on designated First Nation lands across Canada. A special operating agency within Indigenous Services Canada, IOGC's dual mandate is to fulfill the Crown's fiduciary and statutory obligations related to the management of oil and gas resources on First Nation lands and to further First Nation initiatives to manage and control their oil and resources.

In IOGC's Royalty Client Service section, Zeng works with oil and gas companies that produce on First Nation lands. She ensures production data submissions are complete, which enables accurate royalty payment calculations and, in conjunction with IOGC's Finance team, ensures proper payments from oil and gas companies to First Nation trust accounts in return for oil and gas development that takes place on First Nation lands.

When asked what she likes best about her job, Zeng replied, "My workday is always interesting and not repetitive. I enjoy analyzing information, digging into issues and finding answers. Most of all, the work I do is in the best interests of our First Nations clients. That's what IOGC is for."

A few years into her career, Zeng has some advice for young professionals preparing for work in the oil and gas sector: "Focus on being a good analyst and a critical thinker. We are seeing rapid developments in the technology that helps us do our work, but technology can never replace your curiosity or your values."

On a more personal note, Zeng has played piano for several years, and she plays now for her own enjoyment. She is also an avid hiker, and can often be found on the mountain trails around Banff, Alberta.

Zeng is completing the training needed to obtain her Chartered Professional Accountant designation. She is looking forward to opportunities to meet with Chiefs and Councils from First Nations that produce oil and gas to learn more about the economic benefits that responsible development of energy resources provide to First Nations.

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Indian Oil and Gas Canada participates in Energy and Economic Reconciliation Conference in Calgary

By Glen Parent, IOGC Manager, Communications and Executive Services
March 21, 2023.

Representatives of Indian Oil and Gas Canada participated in the Energy and Economic Reconciliation Conference, held in Calgary on March 1st and 2nd and hosted by the Indian Resource Council of Canada.

Greg Desjarlais, IRC Chairperson and Chief of Frog Lake First Nation, set the tone for the conference during his opening remarks. "If we are going to be truly sovereign people we need economic strength. Resources are a big part of that," said Chief Desjarlais. "We invite investors to come to our lands, partner with us and develop these important resources."

The conference featured speakers and panelists from a wide range of backgrounds, including First Nation leaders, business leaders and government representatives from federal, provincial and municipal levels.

The global demand for reliable and responsibly-produced energy was a consistent theme during the conference. "We see in the world the need for energy," said Stephen Buffalo, the IRC's President and CEO. "We want to make sure economic development and environmental protection are balanced. First Nations will continue to work for responsible development of energy resources."

Indian Oil and Gas Canada representatives attended the Indian Resource Council conference in Calgary on March 1st and 2nd. Left to right are Jeff Schatz, Olga Matsula, Cristi Adams, Acting Executive Director and CEO, and Tanya Legere.
Photo by Glen Parent, IOGC

Cristi Adams, IOGC's Acting Executive Director and CEO, along with other IOGC attendees, took part in the event. Adams spoke at the IRC's annual general meeting, held just before the conference. She emphasized the importance of resource development to First Nations and discussed the positive trends seen in the past two years. "We are seeing recovery in the oil and gas sector," said Adams. "Development of Indigenous oil and gas resources result in economic benefits to First Nations and contribute to global energy security."

IOGC is an agency within Indigenous Services Canada that assists First Nations with managing oil and gas exploration, extraction and remediation. In the last five years, royalties and other payments resulting from oil and gas exploration paid to First Nations in western Canada totaled over $350 million.

IOGC is based at the Tsuut'ina Nation, just west of Calgary. IOGC negotiates and administers agreements between the Crown, First Nations and oil and gas companies. IOGC works closely with Chiefs and Councils, as Band Council approval is required for all oil and gas contracts involving First Nations. IOGC is currently working with over 55 First Nations in western Canada with the management of their oil and gas resources.

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